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Alter Ego 2 Cahier D Activite Hachette Corrigegolkes

Alter ego 2 cahier d activite hachette corrigegolkes

Alter ego 2 cahier d activite hachette corrigegolkes is a French workbook for learners of French as a foreign language. It is part of the Alter ego series, which is a popular and comprehensive method for teaching and learning French. The workbook follows the structure of the student's book, and offers a variety of activities to practice and reinforce the vocabulary, grammar, communication, and writing skills acquired in each lesson. The workbook also includes a portfolio of twelve pages, which allows the learner to track their progress and reflect on their learning.

The workbook is published by Hachette FLE, which is a leading publisher of French language teaching materials. Hachette FLE offers a wide range of products for different levels, ages, and needs of learners and teachers of French. Hachette FLE also provides online resources, such as audio files, videos, tests, and games, to complement their books and enhance the learning experience.


The workbook is available for purchase online or in bookstores. It can be used in class or independently. It is suitable for learners who have completed the level A1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), and who want to reach the level A2. The workbook prepares the learners for the DELF A2 exam, which is an official certification of French language proficiency.

If you are interested in learning French with Alter ego 2 cahier d activite hachette corrigegolkes, you can find more information on the following websites:

  • [Hachette FLE website], where you can see a sample of the workbook, listen to the audio files, and access other resources.

  • [ website], where you can download a PDF version of the workbook.

  • [ website], where you can borrow a digital copy of the workbook.

We hope you enjoy learning French with Alter ego 2 cahier d activite hachette corrigegolkes!


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