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Master Distributors Inc.
Master Distributors Inc.

High-quality & Durable Cash Drawers

Cash drawers are versatile business assets for the modern-day retailer. Gone are the days when they simply stored cash and receipts. Today, these dynamic boxes come with advanced functionalities and perform a wide range of functions. 

Beyond recording sales and providing change to customers, cash drawers today come with barcode scanning, touch screen capabilities, inventory management, and much more. They can also be connected to POS terminals for integrated operations. 

At Master Distributors, we stock manual and automatic cash drawers by globally renowned brands like Epson, Star Micronics, Casio, and more. With multiple connectivity options, manufacturer's warranty, and discounts, we're the one-stop solution your business needs. 

Find the best cash drawer that suits your needs and makes your business more efficient and productive.  

Benefits of Cash Drawers

Here are the major benefits of purchasing a new cash drawer for your business: 

  • Recording 

Cash drawers record sales and transactions every day. 

  • Inventory Management

Browse through our collection of cash drawers to keep track of inventory and reorder supplies. 

  • Secure

Cash drawers are highly secure. They keep US and Canadian currencies safe as modern drawers can only be accessed once a sale is completed; thus eliminating the risk of employee theft. 

  • Feature-loaded

Find cash drawers with advanced functions such as bookkeeping, inbuilt printers, display monitors, and more. 

Get in Touch

Master Distributors has a range of manual and standard-duty cash drawers. Browse through our website and find the best cash drawers for your POS needs. 

Call 1-888-905-7008 or send an email to to contact our sales team. 



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