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Our Brand

Iconic Story

Use of the iconic California Bear image as an integral part of our brand development. It has been deliberate and purposeful.

With a long term vision in place, combined with the changing landscape of rugby in the US, the California Bear logo has been chosen to represent the organization within the US and globally.

Similar to the Golden State Warriors NBA team, we believe the California Grizzlies brand will resonate with local and non-local audiences. 

The Grizzly Bear is a strong, simple and iconic brand symbol synonymous with state of California.

Internationally, The Grizzlies have the potential to represent the California rugby community at the highest level.

With a specific goal of developing American athletes into world class players, we will support USA Rugby  Player Development programs.

Long term, the California Grizzlies will become a brand that is associated with success.

Our Color Guide

GOLD gives reference to the early traditions of California, and the 1848 Gold Rush that the state is famous for. It is also the color of success given to Olympic Champions and the term of reference when something is referred to as “Gold Standard”. The vibrant gold used is to illustrate the richness and vitality of the people of California.

NAVY is symbolic of the Pacific Ocean and the close ties the people of California have with the ocean. A deep dark navy color illustrates the expanse of the ocean that forms the western border of our state.

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